Studio Equipment

DescriptionAssetDescription Qty CommentsImage
ConsolesSoundcraft Sapphyer 32132x32x16x2x1
ConsolesSoundcraft Spirit Studio 16116 x 16 x 8 x 2 provides 32 channels on mix. 3 band parametric eq's, dual Eq, 4 effects returns
ConsolesMackie 1604 VLZ116x4x2 great for live or remote recording
ConsolesAmek/TAC Matchless126x24x8x2 Very Phat Analog Sound, excellent for getting that Rupert Neve sound. The Preamps on this console were designed by Rupert Neve!!!
MonitorsFocal Twin Be62Best monitors for mixing/mastering
MonitorsFocal CM12 SUB1OMG SUB
MonitorsEvent 20/20 BaS2For Near Field Applications
MonitorsKRK ROKIT 52Extreme Near Field
MonitorsJBL 44122Large Room Monitors
MonitorsJBL 44081I just can't get rid of the stuff
Studio AmplifiersHafler PRO5051220 W / channel
Studio AmplifiersStewart PA-10001
Studio AmplifiersCrown DC3001
Studio AmplifiersCrown DC1501
DAWSApple iMAC 27 i71Dual Quad i7 1TB 32GB Memory
DAWSApple MAC Pro1Dual Quad Core XEON (12 Processors 24 GB Memory)
DAWSLogic Pro 9.01Unlimited tracks of 24 bit digital audio for the most demanding projects on the planet. 16 Analog in's and out's, ADAT lock up for fast transfers.
DAWSNuendo 2.015.1 Surround authoring
DAWSCubase 6.51By Steinberg
External PreampsApogee Ensemble120 channels of simultaneous audio, including 8 channels of Apogee’s legendary A/D and D/A conversion, 4 transparent, digitally controlled 75db mic preamps, 8 channels of ADAT I/O, 2 channels of S/PDIF coax and optical I/O
External PreampsRupert Neve Portico1By combining circuits based on Rupert Neve's single-sided, discrete RNHV2 op-amps and custom transformers with a new array of features like Texture control, a muli-variable de-esser/EQ, multiple VCA filtering/detection options, a transient optimized swept HPF, and parallel compression blending, Rupert Neve Designs made every element of the the Portico II work toward giving you incredible sonic performance and control. This channel strip is an instant classic; in fact, the Portico II Channel received its first award, the 2009 PAR Excellence Award, upon its debut.
External PreampsTRUE Audio Systems Precision 82The Precision 8 is designed to provide the detailed, transparent sonic performance necessary for the highest quality direct tracking and live sound applications.
External PreampsAphex 107 Dual Channel Thermonic Pre Amp2Very wam
Microphones Avantone Audio CV-122Used by Taylor Swift and Robert Plant; Large-diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone with Nine Polar Patterns, Power Supply, and Aluminum Storage Box Avantone's CV-12 brings classic tube mic sound to professional and project studios everywhere - and at a price that truly means anyone can own one of these ruby-colored beauties. The CV-12 is equipped with nine polar patterns to handle a variety of sound sources including the human voice, strings, acoustic guitars, drums.....
Microphones Avantone Audio CK-1 2Matched Pair; Small-diaphragm FET Pencil Condenser Microphone with Included Shockmount, Wooden Box, and Cardioid, Omnidirectional, and Hypercardioid Capsules Who knew you could get such a high-performing pencil condenser microphone for under $150? Avantone worked their magic with the CK-1, creating a fine FET microphone that offers the design, character, and performance of much more expensive microphones.
MicrophonesAvantone Audio CK-401Stereo mic; Stereo Large-diaphgram FET Condenser Microphone with Rotatable Upper Capsule, Cardioid/Omnidirectional/Figure-8 Pickup Patterns, and Custom Retro Shockmount Put Avantone's CK-40 stereo FET condenser microphone up in front of sources, listen to the amazing sound you're getting, and you'll instantly realize how dedicated Avantone is to their motto "Affordable Excellence." The CK-40's twin large-diaphragm transducers are arranged vertically, so you get extraordinarily accurate stereo!
MicrophonesAKG C 214 Matched Stereo Pair2arge-diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone Pair with 143dB Dynamic Range, Switchable 20dB Attenuation, And Low Cut Filter The AKG C 214 Matched Stereo Pair gives you two great microphones that are factory matched for optimum stereo sound capture. Each of the mics in this C 214 Matched Stereo Pair actually uses the same one-inch dual-capsule as AKG's legendary C 414 in a single-diaphgram, cardioid-only design.
MicrophonesRoyer R-1011The Guitar mic! Passive Studio Ribbon Microphone with High SPL Handling NEWS: Royer Labs has been given a GRAMMY award for their outstanding ribbon mics! In the words of the Academy, these mics "were revolutionary and moved the art of recording forward." Here's a ribbon mic that's built to take on practically any sound source in the room!
MicrophonesElectro Voice RE-201Industry Standard Variable-D® dynamic cardioid microphone; Excellent Kick Drum Mic
MicrophonesAudio-Technica AT-40332Matched
MicrophonesAKG-D1123De Facto Standard Kick and Tom Mic, hey
MicrophonesAKG C-10001Good little mic
MicrophonesElectro-Voice PL913
MicrophonesShure SM-91 Boundry Mic1Like the PZM, great for a really round sounding kick or to pickup ambient room sounds
MicrophonesShure SM-541
MicrophonesSennheiser MD-5043Small mic for the Toms with a huge sound
MicrophonesShure SM-941
MicrophonesAudio-Technica PL-51
MicrophonesCAD Equitek II1Multipattern Large Diaphram Mic
MicrophonesRODE NTV1Tube Mic
MicrophonesCAD TRION 60001Two externally-biased large diaphragms, field-effect detection and iron core drive. Tri-level high voltage and legendary CAD industrial design. Three polar patterns for timbre and expanse. Vintage tone, vintage look and vintage feel. Elastic shock mount and metal travel case are included.
MicrophonesSure SM-574The studio standard
MicrophonesShure 8491
MicrophonesAudio-Technica AT-8132Electric Condensers, these suckers are really not too bad on overhead applications, these are matched.
MicrophonesCAD-95nI1Great for Vox and Instruments
MicrophonesSennheiser MD-4211Standard large diaphram dynamic mic
Outboard GearRoland SDE-10001
Outboard GearDigitech HM4-Harmony Machine1
Outboard GearFurman PQ-31Para Eq
Outboard GearART ProVerb1
Outboard GearFurman Quad Noise Gate1
Outboard GearLexicon LXP-151A classic piece
Outboard GearSony M7124 Bit Modulation
Outboard GearART Pro VLA1Tube Compression
Outboard GearYamaha SPX-90II1
Outboard GearEventide H30001Ultra-Harmonizer, excellent reverbs and true glitch free harmony
Outboard GearBBE Sonic Maximizer 422A2
Outboard GearEnsoniq DP/4+14 channels of high end audio processing
Outboard GearAda MP-11Guitar Pre Amp
Outboard GearBehringer Composer22 Channel Compressor
Outboard GearAlesis Midiverb1
Outboard GearMarshall JMP-11Guitar Pre Amp
Outboard GearSony D7124 Bit Digital Delay
Outboard GearDigitech DSP 128 Plus1
Outboard GearAphex Arual Exciter Type B2
Outboard GearAlesis Quadraverb2
Outboard GearYamaha SPX50D1
Outboard GearSoundTech dual channel compressor1
SoftwareGuitar Combos by Native Instruments1Three classic amplifiers that sound soooo sweet
SoftwareCS-80V by Arturia1Excellent Software emulation of classic Roland CS-80
SoftwareARP 2600 by Arturia1Excellent recreation of the classic ARP 2600 keyboard
SoftwareMulti Moog by Arturia1Excellent recreation in software of the original Multip Moog; a Mini Moog on steriods
SoftwareMinnetonka Bronze1DVD-Audio Authoring
SoftwareMini Moog by Arturia1Excellent recreation in software of the original Mini
SoftwareSony DVD Architect1DVD Authoring
SoftwareGuitar Rig with Floor pedal1By Native Instruments, this is the recording guitarists dream machine
SoftwareDrumAGoG1Realistic Drum Replacement Software - excellent checkout
SoftwareBFD1You figure it out - I know the first word is BIG and the last word is DRUMS. Excellent Midi drummer - better than anything as of this writing.
Tape MachinesAlesis Remote Controls BRC1Remote control for the LX-20's also provides digital black burst sync.
Tape MachinesTASCAM DA-301DAT Tape Deck
Tape MachinesTASCAM MS1611" 16-track
Tape MachinesAlesis HD-24124 Track Hard Disk Recorder. 24 Bit/96KHz
Tape MachinesAlesis ADAT LX-20420 Bit Digital Audio Tape Machines
Tape MachinesTEAC 33-81Old 8 track analog 1/2"
Tape MachinesSony1DAT Tape Deck
Computer IOApogee Ensemble18 Analog IN, 4 Mic Pres, 8 ADAT I/O
Computer IOApogee Symphony IO116 Analog IN / 16 Analog OUT pristine audio
Computer IOMOTU 828 MK3 Hybrid1
Computer IOMOTU 828 MK21
InstrumentsIbaneze Bass Guitar1This was pick because the neck fits a guitar players hands…anyone know what I mean? Great phat sounding bass.
InstrumentsFender Acoustic DG22CE1With Fishman Pickups
InstrumentsYamaha FG-450SA1Acoustic Guitar
InstrumentsYamaha TX81Z1Sound Module
InstrumentsFender StratoCaster - "Blackie"1Eric Clapton's favorite strat, this sucker has two tone controls and sounds wonderful.
InstrumentsAlesis D-51Drum trigger module
InstrumentsRoland VG-88 with Roland Ready Stratocaster1Emulate virtually any guitar, mic and amp combo
InstrumentsGretsch 6 piece "Birch" studio ready drum Kit1Tuned for the studio with or without brass. This is a birch kit, so it actuall recorded a little brighter than other drums. But with AKG D-112's on the Toms, this mother sounds huge!
InstrumentsLes Paul Studio Goldtop - 70's reissue of 50's Paul!1Ahhh
InstrumentsRoland GR-33 guitar Synthesizer1For the guitar player who thinks they're a keyboard player.
Instruments1956 Les Paul1Need I say more, this is my baby - Gold Top
InstrumentsKorg Trinity Plus Workstation1Has the Orchestra upgrade
InstrumentsKurzweil K20001Orchestra upgrade
InstrumentsEnsoniq EPS16+ Sampling Keyboard1Great sounding sampler
InstrumentsEnsoniq SQ-801I love this keyboard because it has some of the absolute warmest analog filters around, a true classic.
Headphone MonitoringBehringer Powerplay P16-M416-channel digital stereo mixer to create your personal monitor mix
Headphone MonitoringBerhinger Powerplay Pro-8 HA-80002The HA8000 offers eight totally independent stereo amplifier sections. Each amplifier features its own 8-digit LED output meter and a MAIN IN 1/MAIN IN 2 switch to toggle between the two main input signals. A MAIN section features a 5-segment LED output meter and MAIN IN 1 and MAIN IN 2 MASTER LEVEL dials.
Headphone MonitoringBOSS - super loud drum amp1Super Loud!
Headphone MonitoringBehringer Powerplay P16-I1DO NOT LET THE NAME FOOL YOU - this system is awesome!