Key Studio Rates

  • Studio Rates including engineer: $65.00/hr (minimum 3 hours), maximum 2 hours setup time included free of charge
    • Great rates for bulk hours and studio lock out!!!!!
  • Location Recording: We have ability to capture you where you are, with the highest quality. Contact us for quote
  • Mastering: Westlund Studios are not a mastering facility, however, we can perform limited mastering tasks, such as: Sequencing of songs, fades, minimal compression.
    • We strongly encourage our artists to use a professional mastering service for: Eq, compression, volume maximization, spatial, phase correction, and so on. If your project requires any of these services we can work with you to obtain the best engineer for your needs.
  • Art work:  We do not provide in-house art work however we work with several graphic artists from around the country and can provide you a quote upon request.

 Key Media Rates

  • 120 Gb Hard Drive for Alesis HD-24 = $175
  • 1″ Ampex 456 or AGFA
    • Purchase: $75.00 / reel
    • Rental: $25.00 / reel will be erase at the end of the session
  • CD: $15.00 of project

Key Extended Services

  • Producer: Contract producer services, add that special touch to your project.  Contact Westlund Studios if you are ready for this special service.
  • Live Audio Engineering Services:  Need a pro engineer for your live gig,  contact Westlund Studios for price quotes including additional equipment.
  • Artist Development, Looping Services, Voice Overs, and much much more – contact us!




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