Pardon Me

Formed in 1995 by Bill Gordon, Pardon Me has gone through many trials and tribulations with respect to its members.  1996  was the turning point for Pardon Me, Bill Gordon enlisted the help of Brad Lund in the production and arrangement of his material.  Brad and Bill hired several studio musicians and professional arrangers to record “Pardon Me” the album.

It was initially recorded at Westlund Studios on 16 Track, then transferred to 24 Track Analog at the Cavern Recording Studios in Tucson, Arizona.  The album took two years from inception to finish to record.  Final mixing was done at Porcupine Recording Studios in Phoenix, Ariz. with Jeff Harrison (Supertramp) flying the sessions and Brad Lund Producing / Co-Engineering.  Mastering was done by Eric Wolf of Wolf Mastering, Nashville, Tenn.


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Say Yes (to Jesus)Say Yes
In Your TimeIn Your Time
Pardon Me!Pardon Me!

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