Remix Your Old OR New Tracks

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Do you have your older multitrack analog tapes or individual tracks of digital audio and were not happy with the final production? If so – shoot me a message or send email. Westlund Studios has some of the best sounding drum replacement tools to beef up or completely replace your original sound – these are  not loops! We can also perform vocal enhancement on your original material with great analog/fat sounding compressors or using the best plugins available or if you prefer we have an excellent selection of top quality microphones and pre-amps such as: Neve (Fat sounding), True Audio (Perfection w/no artifacts), Soundcraft (British punch), or Joe Meek (for that in your face grunge), and other tools/amps and devices to re-record vocals, guitar, or keyboards – if needed. Also, if you self-mastered your project and just need a little more punch or top – bring it to us we can analyze and in most cases improve your material. Westlund Studios is here for the working musician not to break your wallet; you won’t be disappointed – contact us – let us know how we can help HTTP://WWW.WESTLUNDSTUDIOS.COM

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