NEW Service!!! Internet Mixing for Your Project

With the growing popularity of do-it-yourself recording, we have been getting more and more indie mix projects from all over the world. These are unattended sessions. You send us the tracks, we send you mp3’s for your approval. When the project has completed and paid in full, we send you the mixes in the format of your choosing via Cloud server or on a CD via parcel post.

We have competitive rates that are not ‘one size fits all’. All you have to do is get me the raw tracks and after a brief evaluation you will be provided a quote. Most of the songs end up between $150 and $300 per song, but there are a lot of exceptions. For example, a production that is just acoustic guitar and vocal with only 3 tracks and no editing could easily be much less than $50/song. However a song with 180 tracks, 75 of which are vocals that need to be tuned, will be substantially more than $300. Make sense?

I can provide you with an estimated quote via email by answering a few questions about your project.

Tracks are accepted via our Cloud server, data CD, or data DVD.

Westlund Studios feature some of the industry’s finest plug-ins to give your songs that ‘polished’ sound, these include: ALL Steven Slate Digital and Steven Slate Drummer Replacements plug-ins, plug-ins by WAVES, Celemony Melodyne (Vocal and Instrument tuning), Antares Auto-Tune, Tape Machine simulators, Amp simulators, Izotope mastering suite and lots, lots more.   Additionally, if your seeking that ‘true’ analog feel for your project, we have the ability to run your tracks out to a 1″-16 track recorder then through our SoundCraft Sapphyre 72 channel analog desk and finally back into our Apogee digital converters.  Choosing this path will ensure your tracks sound phat and warm.

Please email us HERE with your questions. If you are ready to have your song or project mixed go HERE and complete the form. We will be in touch with you with in 24 hours. We are always happy to help you find a solution that fits your needs and budget.

We accept PayPal, Check (after clearance) or Cash (in person)


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