New Stuff – Love it!

Westlund Studios has just upgraded their headphone monitoring system to include the new Behringer POWERPLAY 16 P16-I and (5) P16 -M systems. OK, let me just caveat this post to say that – first – my studio – as well as many other pro-studio owners – would NEVER admit that they use Behringer – period! Not sure why – as their “Composer” compressors – with a simple cap/resistor swap are actually pretty useful! If not close to 1176 god like status!!!!!

However, I must admit that after several months of testing against numerous and much more expensive alternatives, Behringer has really hit home with the P-16 (I) (M) combination.  I won’t go into details here, reserve for future – but I will say, that this system is LOUD, CLEAR and easy to setup – for either live in-ear-wireless or in my case – direct to fold back!  You simply cannot get a better bang for the buck!

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