Toby Newnum

Album Cover Recorded at Westlund Studios 2011-2012 / Produced by Brad Lund (B!)/Mastered by Multi-Grammy Winning Engineer: Erik Wolf / Released 1-2012

Selected songs can be heard below.  Full album can be downloaded from iTunes or Amazon.

Toby’s love of music began in his childhood.  He could be found doing his chores on his Michigan farm while listening to the Top 40 hits on his radio. The music seemed to just soak right into his senses without him even noticing it.  One day his dad brought home a guitar from the factory for him and his brother.  He taught himself chords and before he knew it, he had learned how to play his first song….Bobby McGee.  His mom would book gigs for him and his brother and sister at local events to play and sing.  In Junior High Toby experienced his first heartbreak.  We all owe his first girlfriend a big thank you, because out of this pain, Toby wrote his first song, titled “Facing What Has Happened”.  This was the beginning of Toby’s song writing career.  Artists such as James Taylor, Crosby Stills and Nash, and later on The Eagles have all influenced Toby’s musical style.  He also appreciates the bands that emphasize good, solid harmonies.  Toby’s inspiration in writing and singing is based on you, his listener.  His lyrics serve as a great outlet to teach biblical truth in a fun way.  When he knows that what he is writing may help someone who hears it, the music seems to just come pouring out onto paper.  Toby’s first cd is being released January, 2012, and there is already talk of a second cd in the future.  He is currently working on a new original song based on several passages of scripture that talk about not going through life being shaken.  We look forward to hearing the completed song in the near future at Vision Church where Toby is the pastor.  One day, if the opportunity presented itself, Toby would love to do an abbreviated tour with his band, taking his music out to as many as God would have hear it.

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In Your HandsIn Your Hands
Power Me ThroughPower Me Through
I Feel Your BlessingI Feel Your Blessing
Keep It RealKeep It Real

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