Focusrite Platinum Penta Stereo Compressor $150

Focusrite Platinum Penta Stereo Compressor $150

Product Description
Every dynamics processor you’ll ever need, squeezed into one 2U rackmountable unit, the Penta will go down in your recording history as one of the best investments you ever made.

Designed principally as an affordable, high specification Stereo Analog Pre-set Compressor, the Platinum Penta provides a multiple of essential analog processing elements in a sturdy 2U 19 in. rackmount case. The unit features an entirely editable pre-set compressor offering a range of professionally compiled compression settings depending on the sound required or instrument involved. Its dynamic response can add a soft or hard knee shape to the compressor curve, and combined with TubeTran technology can emulate VCA, optical, and valve compressor sounds.

The unit also features the same discrete transistor mic-pre as the award winning VoiceMaster. Because the PENTA includes a single mic-pre, as well as full stereo circuitry, it’s just as ideal for recording a mono signal as for compressing the final stereo mix. So the PENTA offers the project studio owner the opportunity to both track and mix-down adding the “Focusrite signature sound” to their future productions at an outrageously affordable price.

Stereo signal path throughout

Focusrite Class A Platinum Mic-pre (with Phantom Power)

Direct inputs on the front fascia for instruments (e.g. guitar) and microphone (Both XLR and Jack)

Preset Compressor (16 pre-sets – all entirely editable)

Compressor features TubeTran�Technology (More warmth, less warmth, you choose)

Stereo Image Width Controller

A high level of metering to ensure optimum levels

Full size is 4608 × 3072 pixels

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