Alesis D4 Drum Module w/ PSU $180

Alesis D4 Drum Module w/ PSU $180

Product Details:
The D4 provides over 500 high-quality drum/percussion sounds (many of them in stereo), that use the same drum recording expertise responsible for the SR-16 and HR-16 standards in the music world. And, thanks to Dynamic Articulation, which triggers different samples according to velocity, the DV’s sounds have a realism and presence that make these sounds stand out in any track or performance.

The D4 has 12 trigger inputs allowing drummers to trigger its sounds from acoustic or MIDI pads. Engineers and musicians can also trigger drum sounds from the D4 using the trigger inputs and any external sound sources from tape or other studio gear. A hi-hat pedal jack allows use of a footswitch to create more realistic hi-hat effects. There are also 4 independent outputs for either 4 mono outs or 2 stereo outs. The D4’s only limitation, is editing. Drum sounds can only have their tuning, panning and respective volumes edited. However, drums can be assigned to special groups so that special drum characteristics can be created such as closed hi-hats cutting off open hi-hat sounds, etc.

Over 500 Sounds – Sounds include: 99 kicks, 99 snares, 55 cymbals, 92 toms, 76 percussion sounds, and 80 effects.
48 kHz Sample Rate and 20 Hz-20 kHz Bandwidth – The D4’s high sample rate and full bandwidth insure maximum audio clarity from each sound.
12 acoustic trigger inputs – Drummers can trigger D4 sounds with conventional drum pads as well as MIDI pads. Studios can trigger D4 sounds from existing taped drum tracks to replace taped sounds with the D4’s high-quality drum sounds. Older drum machines with individual outputs can be revitalized by using them to trigger the D4 sounds instead of triggering the drum machine’s internal sounds.
Full MIDI implementation – The D4’s master volume responds to MIDI controller 7, allowing for smooth fades and easy changes in overall dynamics, as well as to other important MIDI controllers including pitch bend. Program change commands can call up different drum sets.
Simultaneous MIDI/trigger operation – Notes can be triggered by MIDI and/or triggers simultaneously.
Trigger to MIDI conversion – Triggers received by the D4 are converted to MIDI note data that appears at the MIDI Out/Thru connector.
Single rack space size – The D4 fits conveniently into a single rack space.
21 programmable drum kits – Assign different drums to different MIDI notes (or triggers) to create a kit, and recall individual kits with Program Change commands. A footswitch, when pressed, can increment from one drum kit to the next.
Multiple outputs – The D4 offers four outputs, which are arranged as two stereo pairs. Any sound can be sent to either stereo pair (and panned to any of seven positions in the stereo field). However, these can also serve as individual outputs if you pan a single sound hard left or hard right so that it appears over only one output. One possible application is to use one stereo pair for a mix of drum sounds, and the other stereo pair as two individual outputs for specific drum sounds that may need separate processing.
Velocity-sensitive preview button – Audition sounds at the D4 itself, so you don’t have to go back and forth between a controller and the D4 when making drum kit assignments or checking out sounds.
Headphone jack – The included headphone jack is excellent for practicing, or for creating drum kits while other activity is taking place in the studio.
Hi Hat pedal foot switch – This lets you incorporate a footswitch to create very realistic hi hat effects.
Note chasing – You can select a note for editing or previewing based on the most recently received MIDI note or trigger input.
Drum sound editing – Vary tuning, mix, and panning, as well as assign drums to “groups” for special effects (such as hi-hat sounds that cut each other off, or cymbals that restrike).

Full size is 4608 × 3072 pixels

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