SoundCraft Spirit “Studio” 16x8x4x2 Recording Desk $400

SoundCraft Spirit "Studio" 16x8x4x2 Recording Desk $400

Way more useful studio features than a Mackie that would go for the same price!
16 mic/line input in-line console with 16 additional tape returns for the potential to mix 32 sources. Each channel has phantom power, 4-band eq w/ 2 sweepable mids, direct outs, inserts, 4 post fader aux sends and 2 pre-fader aux sends. Two of the aux sends, and the bass/treble controls are switchable to the tape return channels for playback during tracking. As with any in-line console, each channel’s routing can then be flipped for mix-down, so that the fader, and eq can act on the tape return.

There are also 8 busses, 4 stereo effect returns, a stereo master fader, and an oscillator.

This unit is from 1991 and comes with a separate power supply. The faders are all clean sounding except for a dead spot on the bus 3 fader, which is the only problem except for some chipped paint. Soundcraft doesn’t make it anymore, but they have information and manuals at…?product_id=92

Full size is 4608 × 3072 pixels

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