The Truth is in the … Room

I think it is really interesting that as audio engineers we constantly look for the hottest gear, the best mics, and the finest monitors to make our mixes sound great. And generally speaking, better quality equipment should mean better sounding mixes – right? So why then do certain mixes still have problems, why does a mix sound punchy and open in the studio, but muddy… Continue reading

Toby Newnum

Album Cover Recorded at Westlund Studios 2011-2012 / Produced by Brad Lund (B!)/Mastered by Multi-Grammy Winning Engineer: Erik Wolf / Released 1-2012

Selected songs can be heard below.  Full album can be downloaded from iTunes or Amazon.

Toby’s love of music began in his childhood.  He could be found doing his chores on his Michigan farm while listening to the Top 40 hits on… Continue reading

Have Your Music Mastered Professionally – Seriously!

For me it is a no brainier – I always factor in the cost of hiring a good mastering engineer for all of the projects that will be released to CD and most definitely for Vinyl! Yet, I have a lot of friends who, for whatever reason, do not understand the value this brings to the project. To have an additional, highly specialized engineer listening… Continue reading

Millennium Day

Millennium Day is Peter Bryfogle, singer, songwriter and guitarist. When he isn’t working as a landscape designer, he is very busy as a family man as well as creating new music.

The bass man is Ron Kaz, pharmacist, photographer, studio man. When he isn’t busy traveling with his wife, Ron is working with music, be it bass, keyboards, African drums or his new studio hobby.… Continue reading

Pardon Me

Formed in 1995 by Bill Gordon, Pardon Me has gone through many trials and tribulations with respect to its members.  1996  was the turning point for Pardon Me, Bill Gordon enlisted the help of Brad Lund in the production and arrangement of his material.  Brad and Bill hired several studio musicians and professional arrangers to record “Pardon Me” the album.

It was… Continue reading


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